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10 years talent centre Castle Drosendorf

More than 40 years ago, on September 1st, 1979, the educational institution of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Agricultural Workers opened its doors in Drosendorf Castle.

The “founding fathers”, above all LH Mag. Siegfried Ludwig, gave the Drosendorf educational center the wish that they would become a “knowledge center” for the employees in agriculture and forestry and an “impulse center” for them entire region, the border region around Drosendorf.

The Drosendorf training center has become a meeting place, a place for social and social life, the cultural and tourist center of a “feel-good region”, a popular destination for domestic and foreign guests and a “competence center” for human interaction.

Humanitarian work has always been a particular concern of those responsible. Many guests came and became regular guests.

The training center of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Agriculture was and is always trying to support the local economy and gastronomy in all the years.

V.l.: Drosendorfs Bürgermeister Josef Spiegl, Bildungsstätte-Obmann Ing. Werner Neubert, Bildungsdirektor Ing. Johann Heuras, NÖ LAK-Präsident Andreas Freistetter, Bildungsstätte Geschäftsführer Dir. Walter Mayr und Nationalratsabgeordneter Lukas Brandweiner.
Die NÖ Landarbeiterkammer bedankte sich bei Geschäftsführer Dir. Walter Mayr, Obmann Werner Neubert, Brigitte Häckel und ihrem Team für ihr jahrelanges Engagement.

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Today – 40 years after its founding – the Drosendorf educational center is an indispensable and widely appreciated “gem”, not only because of the historical ambience, but also because of the value of its work.

This 40th anniversary was celebrated on August 24, 2019. The anniversary “10 Years Talent Center Lower Austria in Drosendorf Castle” was also celebrated during this event.

The Talent Center Schloss Drosendorf

(Establishment of the Lower Austria Education Directorate – Talent and Talent Promotion)

is a place of development and encounter that makes young people curious about content and encourages them to do research. Children can develop, expand and deepen their skills and abilities in intensive courses. The interesting course topics span the spectrum from the humanities to the natural sciences and promote networked and creative thinking.

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