In a modern educational system, we need to impart a love for learning and knowledge in every generation of young students.

The talent centre Castle Drosendorf is a place of development and meeting, where young people are encouraged to learn and do research. Children can develop, expand and improve their skills in immersive courses. The variety of courses on offer, from humanities to sciences, encourage joined-up and creative thinking.

The educational institution Castle Drosendorf offer intensive courses in an historic atmosphere. The combination of living, eating, leisure and working areas all under one roof is suitable for presentations and effective and individual working projects.

The surroundings of the castle offer a vast variety of recreational activities, complementing the course programs.

With the help of sponsors for the project “talent centre castle Drosendorf” it is possible to provide modern technology for all participants. We offer internet access and WIFI in the seminar rooms, interactive whiteboards as well as multimedia and notebooks for e-learning-sessions. With these facilities, we can present the outcome of the courses for the participants for longer than the actual duration of the courses.

Outstanding student’s seminar